Friday, 9 December 2016

Cas Card 50th

It's Martin's birthday today, so I made him this simple card. His favourite colours are black and orange.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Powertex Heart

I dipped pieces of kitchen roll into ivory Powertex and scrunched it onto the mdf heart to create texture. Once completely covered I pressed in two clay skulls, a wooden skull and a wooden half a circle. Then I sprayed with what I thought was going to be black Bister, but when it came out the bottle, it was actually a dark green.

It took an age to dry but I think that's probably because I absolutely saturated the kitchen roll with the Bister.

This was how it looked after being left to dry for 48 hours. It had gone really, really light.

Next I mixed some green Powertex pigment with media satin varnish and dry brushed over the kitchen roll.

I'm not sure if you can actually see the deeper colours, but next I went in with some patina pigment and again dry brushed all of the kitchen roll area.

And the final layer was Powertex rich gold pigement mixed with media satin varnish. I also went over the embellishments with the gold too.

I tried to capture the shimmer in the bit of sun we had but I'm not sure that I've achieved it!

Captured in the sun but from another angle.

Still haven't been able to catch up on the day time Powertex programmes as Hochanda haven't sorted them out yet!!!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Second Powertex Canvas

Again using the fine sand and ivory Powertex mixture through a stencil.

Various natural bits and bobs dipped in the ivory Powertex, arranged on the canvas board and sprayed with brown Bister.

Left to dry over night.

Pearl ex pigements in gold and antique copper mixed with media satin varnish and also the Powertex rich gold pigment, but unfortunately they do not really show up on the photo.

The reason for adding the pigments is that they really help to bring out the textures in the materials.

I'm not sure if you might just be able to pick up some of the pigments on this photo.

The piece of corrugated to the right and the scrunched kitchen roll to the left surrounded by a piece of t-shirt fabric.

And finally this is mainly the sand and Powertex mix with a piece of mulberry bark over the top, they all make for very interesting textures, but you really don't know what you are going to get, it's just a case of playing x

Powertex Canvas

So after watching the 7pm Hochanda Powertex show I was inspired to have a go. I haven't been able to see any of the other shows in the day as they have a problem with them on the rewind. So here's my dining room table, all ready to go.

I mixed some fine grade sand in with ivory Powertex and put it through a stencil. 

Next in no particular order I added bits and bobs by first covering them in ivory Powertex and sticking them to the canvas. Once I was happy I sprayed on some green, however I'm not entirely sure if it was Bister or PA Infusions.

I left it over night to dry and this morning came back in with green Powertex around the edges, spritzed in brown Bister and used a hair dryer to dry it. I would have loved to have added some rust powder in at this stage, but I don't have any :o( xx

Next I took a very small amount of ivory Powertex and dry brushed it over the green Powertex to bring out the textures. I used green and brown pearl ex and satin varnish to dry brush the middle pieces.

This photo shows the effects of the ivory Powertex around the edge pieces and is more true to the actual colours on the canvas.

And finally a close up of the bits and bobs which consist of corrugated cardboard, cotton scrim, loose cotton jute, packaging, kitchen roll, natural sheep fleece, strands of cotton boucle and slub and a few other things.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Magazine Page Collage

I've recently joined a FB group called 'Collage Obsessions' as I loved some of the collages that were being showcased. I'm not sure if there are any rules to follow, but I know I needed to have a go. So here is what I came up with, no rhyme or reason for it, just ended up like this because I liked it!

Monday, 28 November 2016

She has Hair!!

Remember my large fairy that I made a couple of months ago, you can see the process of how I made her here. And the reason she has no hair is because I was waiting to go to the knit and stitch show in Harrogate to find something to make her hair from.

All rectified now as I found just the thing, natural sheep fleece. I had a chat to the lady on the stall, trying to explain what I wanted it for, and my main concern was, would it hold it's shape once dipped in the Powertex. She assured me it would, so just to be on the safe side, I tried a single piece as you can see at the bottom of the photo, and I'm happy to say, it worked brilliantly.

This is the other side of her card just in case anyone is interested and also a reference for me should I need some more!

So I completely covered her in cling film so I didn't get any Powertex on her.

I painted the back of the head and hairline with bronze Powertex, dipped the fleece into the Powertex, added it to the head and started to style the hair.

Was really happy with how it turned out and the fleece takes the Powertex beautifully.

This is approx 20 hours later and it's now quite dry.

And from the front.

And the back. The one long piece down the middle was intentional.

And a front view but from the left side if that makes sense!

Her hair is now all coloured up with bronze gold Powertex pigment.

And the view from the back.

And a close up from the front.

And finally a view from the side.

And here she is in all her glory. Am really pleased with how she has turned out.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

All Grunged Up

Stenciled DecoArt modeling paste and white crackle paste through a couple of stencils.

Once dry, painted with DecoArt tinting base.

Added layers of DecoArt media paint until I was happy with the colour blend. Hopefully you can see the crackle paste on the word live. 

This one started off with a phthalo blue wash.

Edged in carbon black and stamped in black stazon.

All mediums are from the DecoArt range.

That's Crafty have a challenge of all grungy this week, so I'm entering with these pieces.

A Dressed Torso

Started off with a papier mache mini torso and painted it with black Powertex.

Covered a piece of t-shirt fabric in black Powertex and modeled it around the torso trying to create as may ruffles as possible.

Once completely dry I literally painted it with a mix of red Powertex pigment and DecoArt media satin varnish.

I didn't want to just hi-light the ruffles of texture, I actually wanted a red base over the black Powertex.

As you can see I managed to achieve quite a deep red.

Next I started to introduce the gold pigment and this time I did just want to hi-light the ruffles.

And from the back.

And the right side.


And the final piece which I'm really pleased with. Unfortunately due to the lack of light and 'sun' you don't get a true picture of how fab the pigments actually look.


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